What is Daily Routine?

Daily Routine is a time management app based on the idea that stress can be reduced, mental health maintained and productivity increased by organising your time with a routine of activity blocks.

Better time management with routines

When most people think "time management", they think "to-do list" but this thinking quickly leads to problems. Whilst a to-do list is very useful for remembering and prioritising tasks, it ignores the concept of time entirely. Lists typically don't represent task categories and (when used alone) encourage us to completely ignore those aspects of our lives with only "low-priority" tasks.

Don't throw away your list just yet though. Pair it with a routine! A well-built routine creates the time blocks in which each type of task is done.

You could follow this process with a notebook and clock, but Daily Routine makes every aspect easier, improving your chances of success.

A specially crafted interface

Daily Routine has a distinct look for a good reason. It combines a list view of your routine with a diagram of how long each block is. At a glance you can see what you should be doing now, what's next and how long all those things are relative to each other. It takes a lot of work to build an app like this, but we think it's worth it.

Colour is an important part of the Daily Routine experience, but it's not just for show. Colour is used to represent your activities and you control each activity's colour. Very soon you'll be able to glance at your routine and know what's on now and what's next without reading a word.

Activities also have icons. With 500+ to choose from and more coming regularly, you can make your timeline feel yours.

Notifications which actually improve productivity

Daily Routine can (optionally) notify you when each time block begins. Notifications can be customised (or disabled) on a per-activity or per-block basis. This means that Daily Routine can help you stick to your routine without even opening the app!

Understanding that plans aren't reality

Daily Routine encourages you to make a routine and will remind you when your scheduled blocks begin. However, it's not judgemental. Need to skip your exercise today? Do it. Running early or a little late? No problem. You can easily adjust your 'real' timeline without affecting your 'planned' timeline. This means you can always see where you went off track, and when you managed to get back on track again too.