Daily Routine teaser screenshot

Daily Routine is coming back!

Good news! After being out of the store since 2015, Daily Routine will be re-released, better than ever in late 2020!

It's too early to reveal more than this teaser image, but I'm excited about the new design and codebase. Here's a few highlights:

  • More powerful features in a simpler (yet still beautiful) interface
  • Adaptive layout to suit modern iOS hardware
  • A powerful sync system ready to support multiple platforms and shared timelines
  • View your schedule (what you plan to to) and journal (what you actually do)
  • Much, much more

So, when will the new version be out? Late 2020 is about as specific as I can get at the moment (and that's a best guess). When can you start testing? I'll be putting out a call for testers later in the year so stay tuned here and on the Daily Routine social media accounts.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Jaysen – January 2020